Tranining for a Cure

Hi guys! Thanks for coming to our website. For quite sometime, Tony and I had felt it in our hearts to make a difference not only our lives, but for the lives of others. We've searched for activities and events where could volunteer and have a positive impact on others. Cancer had always been a very important and personal issue that we've been eager to support. So many individuals within our family and friends have been diagnosed with various types of cancer. When I was younger, I used to think that only "other" people get cancer. Not anyone that I personally knew. But as time goes by more and more people within our circle are getting diagnosed and sometimes losing their battle. In 2004, Tony's mom lost her long battle with cancer. What started out as breast cancer, spread to her lymph nodes, brain, and bone and eventually to her lungs. It was a very emotionally challenging time for Tony and his family. As it hit closer to home, it fueled our desire to help find a cure and hopefully save lives.

We had been inspired by the stories and challenges of current cancer patients and honorees. To do our part and help find a cure, we joined Team In Training's Ironteam program and competed in Ironman Canada (Penticton, B.C.) in order to raise money for leukemia and other cancers. To read about how our race day went check out Tony's Race Report and Donella's Race Report or check out our Ironman 2010 photos here. You can also get a feel of the eventy by watching the official Ironman Canada highlight video below. (Note: Tony is the guy in green at 3:28 of the video)

Some people may have asked "why we decided to train for a triathlon instead of to just simply raising the funds?" We were not only there to run, bike and swim, but we were there to inspire hope that there can be a cure. The cancer society's Team In Training Program uses long distance sports as a symbol of endurance and hope. And by doing this triathlon we were fundraising and spreading awareness in hopes to help find a cure.

A Time to Reflect
It’s been a few weeks since our triathlon event , since then, we've had time to reflect on our journey. What once seemed like an unthinkable task a few months ago, has actually become a reality. You helped us successful raise over $16,000 for cancer research and we completed the 140. 6 miles at Ironman Canada. We faced our fear of the 3,000 person mass start to swim 2.4 miles, build the endurance to ride 112 miles of challenging hills and finally complete our first 26.2 miles marathon.

As much as this had been an accomplishment physically, this race was more about the journey we experienced to get there. It was about helping others and impacting lives other than our own. We trained with many inspiring cancer survivors who shared their personal stories with us. We met motivated and optimistic teammates, coaches, mentors and forged lifelong friendships. Together we were challenged both physically and mentally by injuries, aches, personal struggles and moments of doubt. But overcoming these obstacles together was a bonding experience not only as team, but between Tony and I. This journey has been a life changing experience that has given us a little more perspective on life and what we as individuals can do to continue to do our part.

Inspired to Be a Part of The Ironteam Support Staff
After this amazing adventure, we've felt it in our hearts to continue striving to help others.This season, I became a part of the supporting mentor staff for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training 2010-2011 Ironteam. In the next year, I along with several other people with be mentoring incoming summer participants. We will help prepare the new participants for their Iron-distance triathlons at the Full Vineman Triathlon, Ironman Louisville and Ironman Canada . For the upcoming year, we will be there during training practices, help with team events, cheer them on and provide overall encouragement and support. Just as everyone has helped us train for our first Ironman, this season, I will help support them thru their journey!

If you're interested in the Ironteam or any other endurance events for the upcoming 2011 season check out the Team In Training site here.

Thank you so much!

We would like to thank you for your support over the past year! It has really meant so much to us. We have read and heard every piece of encouragement. It's amazing what a few words can do to pump you up. It's tough fundraising a second time around and especially during this tough economy, but we succeeded because of family and friends like you! You have helped us reach our fundraising goal and have donated $16,240 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as part of our triathlon fundraising.
We know it's a lot to ask for your support season after season. Without your selfless generosity, we'd not be able to do what we do. We'd not be able to provide hope to the many families that rely on the research and patient services your donations help fund. Every donation that you have contributed helps to find a cure for cancers and helping to save lives!

Thank you!
=) Tony and Donella (Bernardo) Dimaano